The Boone County Democratic Central Committee (BCDCC) is dedicated to improving our community by creating an environment of hope and unity.  We promise to work tirelessly to improve conditions in our community and affect positive change in the world around us.  We affirm the importance of working together to find solutions.  The BCDCC will operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters.  We will not profit from our endeavors.  We believe in fairness for all.  The BCDCC will not waver in the conviction to create a better community for all citizens.

Meeting Location

UAW Local 1268 Union Hall
1100 West Chrysler Drive
Belvidere, IL 61008


Meeting Date

Monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month, unless otherwise posted.

Executive Committee:  

County Chair  - Jessica Muellner                  (779) 770-9932 
1st Vice Chair - Mike Simms                          (815) 519-6259
Treasurer                - Wayne Borchardt                                 
Secretary         - Freddy de la Trinidad                                                 
2nd Vice Chair       - Walter Stephens                                             

Contact Information:

By Email:
By Phone:  (779) 770-9932
By Post:     BCDCC, PO Box 1263, Belvidere, IL  61008

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Boone County IL Democrats 

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November 2020 BCDCC Meeting Cancelled

The public BCDCC board meeting scheduled for November 12 has been cancelled due to meeting size restrictions mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. These measures have been taken in response to the recent resurgence of COVID-19 in Boone county. Click here for further information about these mitigation actions. Please, keep yourself and those around you safe and healthy. Wear Your Mask!

Boone County IL 2020 Election Readiness Video

Click here to view a short video from Julie Stapler, the Boone County Clerk, about the new early voting procedures in her office.

Boone County 2020 Democratic Candidate Biographies

Click here to read all about our great slate of 2020 Boone County Democratic candidates. (En Espanol)

Specimen Ballot Now Available for 2020 General Election

The Boone County Clerk has released a specimen ballot for the 2020 General Election. Click here to see it. In voting your ballot, remember the following:

1) Undervoted ballots are counted. You do not have to vote for every race. If a Republican is running uncontested for an office, you can leave that race blank. Why run up their vote count if you don't have to?

2) In races where you can vote for multiple candidates, we ask that you just vote for the Democratic candidate(s).

General Election Tuesday Nov 3, 2020

The Illinois General Election takes place on Nov 3, 2020. Early voting starts Sept 24, and continues through Nov 2. Click here to see more information about early voting and vote by mail from the Boone County Clerks office.

Please consider requesting a mail in ballot, to avoid possible polling place Coronavirus transmission.

Meet Our Candidates for Boone County Board Offices

Marilyn Spradling, County Board - District 1

Marilyn has been an employee at the Chrysler Belvidere Assembly plant for over 30 years. She is a precinct committee person and has been a member of numerous committees and project teams. She has dedicated her time by volunteering in her community as well as having a great deal of experience in leadership roles.


Kim M. Fisk, County Board - District 2

Kim has been described as kind, caring, considerate, hardworking & reasonable. She is a level-headed listener and wants what’s best for Belvidere.
Kim is a property manager by day and sometimes night. She's been a precinct committee person for 13 years. Kim married her husband John 32 years ago. Together they've raised five children in Belvidere.
Dedication to God, family and community is her top priority, working as a tireless volunteer for all.
Kim M. Fisk wants you to know, "Your vote matters and thank you for putting your trust in me!"


Jessica Muellner, Democratic representative, Boone County Board District 3

Jessica Muellner is a single mother of two that began a career in property tax assessment after service on the public review board, hearing assessment appeals.
Jessica has a lifetime interest in advocating for fairness and justice in the community that began by working with her sister and mother for the ERA ratification in the early 80s.
Jessica later studied Political Science and Theology, served in student government and partnered with Islamic students during her time in college to speak out against Desert Storm and racial inequality.
She is a member of the UAW.


Wendy LaFauce, County Board - District 3

Wendy is a former Belvidere elementary school teacher, teaching in both public and parochial schools. She is an advocate for public education and the rights of the disabled. She is a precinct committee person and helps organize community outreach events and issue-based lectures.

Wendy is devoted to her family, friends and faith. She enjoys old movies, writing, cooking and reading.

One of Wendy’s greatest joys is watching her students, “her kids” as she likes to call them, grow into young adults. She says, “One of the reasons I want to serve on the county board is to ensure all our kids have a Boone County that is looking forward. I want our community to be a place where there are opportunities for the next generation to prosper here.”


2020 Boone County Democratic Primary Election Candidates

Reminder New Time and Location for BCDCC Meetings.

We no longer meet at the Boone County Courthouse for our monthly meeting. Instead, Our meeting is at 6:00 PM on the second Thursday of each month, at The Salvation Army Belvidere Corps Community Center, 422 S. Main Street, Belvidere, IL. Please consider bringing a non-perishable food item to help The Salvation Army feed those in need.

2020 BCDCC Intern/Scholarships Now Available

We are seeking high school juniors, seniors, and/or college freshmen for 2020 intern/scholarship positions. Great experience for any student's college application. Contact the BCDCC Recording Secretary at to arrange an interview.

Boone County Democratic Central Committee Welcomed
Senator Richard Durbin to Belvidere

The Boone County Dems hosted a luncheon in honor of Senator Richard Durbin, Senior Senator from Illinois, on October 7, 2019 in Belvidere.

The senator updated the enthusiastic crowd about current legislation and the possibility of an impeachment trial. However, the majority of Senator Durbin’s time was spent taking questions from voters, elected officials, and organized labor officials.

Click here to see some pictures from this event.

Local News Coverage of Boone County Democrats

Click here to see Boone County Board member Jessica Muellner, along with aspiring County Board candidate Wendy LaFauce, interviewed on WIFR-TV News about the increasing number of women seeking political office.

Take Action to Help Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Click here to learn the various ways you can provide help to asylum-seekers and refugees at our southern border.

Heartland Mamas Podcast Available

If you enjoyed the Heartland Mamas at the Boone County, click here to follow their twice-weekly podcast. 

2020 Primary Election Season Starting

The primary elections in Illinois will be held on March 17, 2020. Individuals planning to run for Precinct Committee Person in the March 17, 2020 Primary Election can begin circulating petitions on September 3, 2019.

Individuals planning to be a Precinct Committee Person for the precinct in which they live, should circulation a petition and obtain at least 10 (15-20 recommended) signatures. Petitions need to be notarized before submitting. Submission dates (the filing period) are from November 25, 2019 to December 2, 2019.

Individuals planning to be a Precinct Committee Person for a precinct other than the one in which they live, will need to be appointed to their position by John Gedney.

Petition forms can be obtained electronically from Wayne Borchardt.  Printed forms will also be available at our next BCDCC meeting (Thursday, September 12).  If you are not familiar with Votebuilder, Wayne will access Votebuilder to provide you with names and addresses of Democrats in your Precinct for obtaining signatures.

Wayne can be contacted by email at: and will need your name, address, phone and precinct name and number in order to obtain the proper information from Votebuilder.

Illinois Democratic Chairs Pledge Union-Friendly Goods and Services Spending.

The Illinois Democratic County Chairs Association, representing the leaders of all 102 Illinois County Democratic Party organizations, approved an association-wide resolution on May 20, 2019, to put priority spending on products, services and business enterprises that are pro-labor. Click here to see the press release announcing this action.

Workforce Connection Services Now Available.

The Workforce Connection is now operating at 530 State Street, Suite 103, Belvidere, IL  61008. Click here for more information. Visit their website at

JB Pritzker campaign ad spotlights Rockford, Freeport, and Boone County

Watch his new video here, with scenes from our very own Boone County Fair. How many of our Democratic candidates can you identify? 

Find out what issues our members are concerned about. Click this link to see the letters they write to local news media.

Run for office! Use this brand new tool to find out where, when and how you can run for office. A #BlueWave is coming to Illinois. Click this link, enter your address and see if your community has seats where we are recruiting candidates. No Republican should go unchallenged this November.

Current Events:  
(779) 770-9932
Date Time Event Location Contact Other Info

 August 2020
Thursday, Aug 13 06:00 PM BCDCC Monthly Meeting The Salvation Army Belvidere Corps Community Center, 422 S. Main Street, Belvidere, IL 61008
Jessica Muellner
(779) 770-9932
The meeting will be held outside. Please bring a chair and wear a face mask. The meeting will be rescheduled in the event of rain. 
 September 2020
Thursday, September 10
06:00 PM BCDCC Monthly Meeting UAW Local 1268 Union Hall, 1100 West Chrysler Drive, Belvidere, IL 61008
Jessica Muellner
(779) 770-9932


 October 2020
Thursday, Oct 8 06:00 PM BCDCC Monthly Meeting UAW Local 1268 Union Hall, 1100 West Chrysler Drive, Belvidere, IL 61008
Jessica Muellner
(779) 770-9932

 November 2020
Tuesday, Nov 3
General Election  Your Local Precinct
 Boone County Clerk 
Please consider voting by mail.
Thursday, Nov 12
06:00 PM
BCDCC Monthly Meeting
UAW Local 1268 Union Hall, 1100 West Chrysler Drive, Belvidere, IL 61008
Jessica Muellner
(779) 770-9932

Meeting Cancelled due to COVID-19 Mitigation Meeting Restrictions
 December 2020
Thursday, Dec 10
06:00 PM
BCDCC Monthly Meeting
UAW Local 1268 Union Hall, 1100 West Chrysler Drive, Belvidere, IL 61008
Jessica Muellner
(779) 770-9932

Meeting Tentative based on COVID-19 Mitigation Meeting Restrictions

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