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The BCDCC is now accepting applications for precinct committeeman/woman in Boone County. Click here for the application and instructions on how to apply.

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Boone County Democratic Central Committee

County Chairman Jessica Muellner
1st Vice Chair Michael (Mike) Simms
2nd Vice Chair Walter Stephens
Secretary Freddy De La Trinidad
Treasurer Wayne Borchardt

Boone County Elected Democratic Officials

County Board District 3 Jessica Muellner
County Board District 3 Cherie Bartelt

Boone County Democratic Precinct Committeemen

Belvidere 1 Jessica Muellner
Belvidere 2 Dawn Rogers
Belvidere 3 John Harvey
Belvidere 4 Vacant
Belvidere 5 Wendy LaFauce
Belvidere 6 Tim Malone
Belvidere 7 Sheryl Strack
Belvidere 8 Walter Stephens
Belvidere 9 Peggy Malone
Belvidere 10 Vacant
Belvidere 11 Vacant
Belvidere 12 Kim M. Fisk
Belvidere 13 Freddy De La Trinadad
Belvidere 14 Vacant
Belvidere 15 Dennis Logan
Belvidere 16 Vacant
Belvidere 17 Trina Holmes
Belvidere 18 Vacant
Belvidere 19 Vacant
Belvidere 20 Vacant
Belvidere 21 Vacant
Belvidere 22 Vacant
Flora 1 Cherie Bartelt
Flora 2 Michael (Mike) Simms
Caledonia 1 Emmanuel Oteng-Bediako
Caledonia 2 Susan J. Flanders
Caledonia 3 Vacant
Manchester Vacant
Spring Larry Stiles
Bonus 1 Marilyn Spradling
Bonus 2 Vacant
Bonus 3 Wayne Borchardt
Boone 1 Vacant
Boone 2 Vacant
Leroy Vacant
Poplar Grove 1 Corey Nathan
Poplar Grove 2 Vacant
Poplar Grove 3 Vacant
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