Photo Gallery

Here are some of our favorite pics.

Some photos from The Boone County Dems luncheon in honor of Senator Richard Durbin, Senior Senator from Illinois, in Belvidere on Oct. 7, 2019.

Here are photos of elected officials and candidates attending our 2019 wine and cheese fundraiser at McEachran Homestead Winery in Boone County, IL.

A big shoutout to all of the guests at the 2019 BCDCC Midnight at the Masquerade Mystery Dinner Fundraiser. We're not sure who you all were, due to the masks and all, but here are some photos for you to scroll through and find yourself (or maybe even Waldo) in.


We'd like to thank all the elves who came together to decorate our Christmas tree at the Community Building.

County Board members Jessica Muellner & Cherie Bartelt, along with Rebecca Osterberg, Tina Little, Glory Boersma, Ruthie Van Tellingen, Walter Stephens, Mike Simms, Emmanuel Oteng-Bediako, Jim Schult.


Photos of the swearing in of new Boone County Board members, featuring BCDCC member Cherie Bartelt.

Here are photos of our booth and candidates at the Boone County Fair, held in August, 2018

Illinois Democratic candidates with some Boone County supporters . From Left to right: Julianna Stratton, Joe Bruscato, Mike Simms, Susana Mendoza, Jessica Muellner, John Gedney, Wendy LaFauce, J.B. Pritzker, Angie Bodine, Paul Stoddard, Cheri Bartelt, Bob Springer, Wayne Borchardt, and Emmanuel Oteng-Bediako.
Here are photos of our float and marchers at the Belvidere Heritage Days Parade, held June 24, 2018

The Boone County Democratic Central Committee Float.

The Ticket Agent is Cheri Bartelt, our candidate for Boone County Board District 3.

Marcher Angie Bodine, our candidate for Illinois House of Representatives - 69th District

Marcher  Jessica Muellner, our Democratic Representative on the Boone County Board District 3

Here are some photos from the BCDCC Fundraiser "Bullets in the Bathtub" held June 2, 2018 at Lino's Restaurant.


Jay Ferraro and Sara Dorner, the winners of the Best Dressed Guy and Best Dressed Doll contest.

ohn Gedney & Cherie Bartelt, showing the aftermath of the John's Close Shave fundraiser. John is the Chairman of the Boone County Democratic Central Committee, and Cherie is a candidate for the Boone County Board.

John Gedney & Marilyn Spradling. Marilyn is Precinct Committeewoman for Boone County precinct Bonus 1.

Salvation Army Representatives Lieutenants Tomas and Martha Valladares. A special collection was taken to support The Salvation Army, the sponsored charity of this year's event.

A wide shot of the evenings activities, featuring the Man in Red from JEST Murder Mystery Co., our story tellers for the evening.

BCDCC Treasurer Wayne Borchardt on the left with his wife Diane, sitting with Belvidere 8 Precinct Committeeman Walter Stephens on the right.

Bruce Wolf, executive board member of the UAW Rockford Area Community Action Program, with his wife Barb, their son Nate, and his wife Melissa.

The BCDCC sponsored a family for this years Hometown Christmas Celebration.
BCDCC members left to right 
County Board member Jessica Muellner, John Gedney (rear), Cherie Bartelt, Jim Schultz (rear), and Party Treasure Brad Robinson and had a blast tonight decorating our tree that will donated along with gifts for a local family. Not in picture Vice Chair Mike Simms and Carolyn Tratnik. Thank you !
Thank you to all the BCDCC volunteers at the June 11, 2017 breakfast fundraiser. Left to right Treasure Brad Robinson, Walter Stephens, Parker, Vicky Lipp,Vice Chair Michael Simms, Marilyn Campbell,Cheri Barltel, Jim Schultz, Bruce Wolf, Carolyn Tratnik, Barb Wolf, Boone County Board Member Jessica Muellner and Bill Tratnik. Special thank you to Phil Polli!  Thank you to our major sponsors, UAW Rockford Area CAP, Plumbers-Pipefitters,and the IBEW. Thank you to everyone that came in support, hope you enjoyed the breakfast.
Boone County Democratic Central Committee will be working on this years Habitat for Humanity Belvidere Home Build. What a wonderful community project, working together for a better community for everyone. Thank you to those BCDCC members who volunteered. Left to Right Walter Stephens, Angelique Bodine, this years home recipients the Trejo family Boone County  District 3 Board Member Jessica Muellner, Marilyn Campbell, Dave Campbell, Mike Simms, Cheri Bartelt and William Tratnik.
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